• How to get your online, automatic sales and marketing system up and running in less time than before
  • How you get predictable sales every week, easier and more efficient
  • How you can deliver your programs with equally good results and less stress
  • NeuroFunnel Dynamics, the combination of updated sales and marketing strategies and the right mindset
  • IN BRIEF: How to save time and money with a brand new process and new technology (This is actually revolutionary! Don't miss it.)

Hello, we are Maria and Petter Erik, the founders of AweSM Sales & Marketing.

In the last quarter, we managed to set a revenue record with a smaller team than we had previously… because we have found more simple and time-saving methods to market, sell and deliver our programs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not something that may be used in the future - it IS HERE NOW. More and more coaches, consultants, speakers and experts are using the power of the new tools to gain visibility and reaching new customers. You too need to start using these tools now - and relax… even five-year-olds can understand this.

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of getting customers on autopilot online, in half the time.

We will show you how in the webinar!


Reach out to more customers, create better results, earn more money and get the freedom you dream of with the help of automation and new (simple) AI tools

Free webinar for ambitious coaches, consultants, speakers and experts

Are you a coach, consultant or expert with proven expertise - and who loves delivering results for your customers

Have been thinking about working online, but don’t know how to get started and have a hard time finding the time to do it.

Want to be able to choose which assignments you say yes and no to, reach even more people and have more time to travel and enjoy life.